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Piper J3 Cub

The Piper Cub, one of the most popular and influential light aircraft ever manufactured, remains a term synonymous with general aviation in the United States—more than 80 years after its introduction. The name “Cub” is commonly used to describe a number of aircraft models—most notably the Piper J-2 and J3.

Piper J3 Cub performance and specifications

Horsepower: 65
Gross Weight: 1220 lbs
Top Speed: 76 kts
Empty Weight: 680 lbs
Cruise Speed: 65 kts
Fuel Capacity: 12.00 gal
Stall Speed (dirty): 33 kts
Range: 146 nm
Takeoff Landing Ground Roll: 370 ft
Ground Roll: 290 ft
Over 50 ft obstacle: 730 ft
Rate Of Climb: 450 fpm
Ceiling: 11500 ft


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