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Cub Air Flight LLC Launches Aviation Explorer Program

ExplorersHartford, WI, April, 2014..... Cub Air Flight LLC, a primary flight training school located at the Hartford Municipal Airport, introduced a new aviation program for young men and women.

The Aviation Explorer Program, designed to introduce 15--20 year old young men and women with an interest in aviation to the many aspects in the field of aviation, became a reality when Cub Air Flight and the Bay-Lakes Council, together, launched this ongoing program. Following the guidelines of S.T.E.M.

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) this endeavor exposes individuals to "hands on" experience in many aspects of aviation.

The group meets at the Hartford Airport every other Tuesday evening during the school year and will meet more frequently during the summer. Aircraft owner, Dave Courtney, has made his airplane available to the group for the purpose of learning how to dismantle, remove fabric covering, prep and/or replace metal parts, recover with new fabric, repaint and re-assemble the airplane.

At the meeting on Tuesday, April 22nd, the group cut and removed the fabric on all of the flight control surfaces as well as removed a number of the metal parts. The next session will be held on Tuesday, May 6th and will involve removing the control surfaces, inspecting for corrosion and cleaning the surfaces in preparation for painting with Epoxy primer.

"Depending on the number of participants, we may be able to begin removing the covering from the fuselage next time as well," stated Steve Krog, owner of Cub Air Flight LLC and co-director of the program.

In addition to Krog, John Palese, retired American Airlines pilot, and Marc Stamsta, owner of Max Aero Inc., are also assisting with the program. Local physician Dr. Larry Sullivan has also played an active role.

"The enthusiasm has been high so far," commented Stamsta, "the participating young men and women really seem to dig in and get involved."

The participants currently enrolled, from Hartford, West Bend, Slinger, Kewaskum and Belguim all have aspirations toward college degrees in aviation. However, that is not a prerequisite. Anyone age 15-20 with an interest in aviation is invited to become a member of the group.

For more information, contact Cub Air Flight any time from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM at 262.725.3591.

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