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Pleasure flying is fun! Cub Air Flight was founded for the purpose of attracting and exposing interested prospective pilots to the fun of flight... while doing so at an affordable cost. All primary flight training is done in the historic Piper J3 Cub, an airplane in which many of our grandfathers learned to fly.

We use the docile Cub, a tail wheel airplane, because it not only truly teaches a student the basics of safe flight but it is also a fun airplane to fly. Imagine yourself with one hand on the control stick and feet on the rudder pedals, flying with the door open and watching the countryside pass below you while smelling the freshly cut hayfields. There is no other feeling or sensation like it.

Every flight must meet three goals: it must be fun, it must be challenging, and it must be safe. If one truly wants to learn to fly and acquire the best flight skills, then Cub Air Flight is the place to start.

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