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Hartford Municipal Airport has a long history of Grassroots Aviation. Over the years it has been home to many aerobatic shows, barnstorming rides and almost consistently thorough the years there has been flight instruction offered on the field. At one time one of the largest Cessna dealerships was located right on the field. Currently the majority of aircraft located on the field are antique and most of them are tailwheel aircraft.

The Hartford Airport is named Miles Field after a fellow named Jim Miles who was a crop duster and an instructor for many years. There are several gentleman on the field today that earned their pilots license from Mr. Miles. Hartford Airport does not have fences around it and on any given weekend weather permitting there is an opportunity to watch Cubs fly along with Gliders from the local Glider Club. Generally, there are several hangar doors open and projects are being worked on and folks getting ready to go for a quick flight around the patch.

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