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Nick SchreiberNick Schreiber


When he's not flying the big jets.

About Nick:

Nick first came to Cub Air Flight in 2008. In just 14 days he moved from first flight to taking his Private Pilot checkride, including studying and taking the written test and obtaining a Third Class Medical.

Nick's accomplishment of the Private Pilot in just 14 days is a true testament to his focus and dedication to flying. stated Steve Krog. He is a safe and dedicated instructor pilot that thoroughly enjoys both the challenge and fun of flying.

Nick has continued to advance his aviation career and is now flying Boeing 767’s for Atlas Air. However, when he’s not flying the heavy stuff, he still enjoys flying Cubs.

Anyone wishing to schedule flight time with Nick can do so by going to the flight calendar and blocking time with him. You'll really enjoy flying with Nick and sharing his knowledge and pleasure of flight.

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